Decarbonisation & Renewables

Find the solutions you need to help reduce your carbon footprint

As the housing sector moves towards the 2030 EPC C target and then progresses to the 2050 zero carbon objective, having a range of innovative advisors, suppliers and contractors will be increasingly more important for CHIC’s members.

Members will need to understand the current energy performance of their assets in detail and will need comprehensive plans in place to update or replace them, to achieve low and zero carbon targets.

CHIC can help with compliant access for:

  • Consultants who can advise on detailed overall asset performance and on asset management strategies
  • Energy assessors and advisors
  • Designers, engineers and other consultants
  • Suppliers of a range of building materials which will help reduce carbon usage, including:
    • Fabric First – internal and external wall insulation, roofing, floor insulation, windows and doors  
    • Mechanical and Electrical Systems – Boilers and heating systems, electrical equipment, photovoltaics, heat pumps, mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems, battery storage, electric vehicle charging
  • A wide range of contractors and installers, who can work on a supply and fit or fit only basis
  • Specialist advisors and energy suppliers

CHIC is constantly updating its frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), to ensure that members can have easy access to the full range of solutions that they will need, to progressively improve assets and reduce carbon.

Members can access CHIC’s frameworks through direct call off or via a mini-competition. The DPS must select through a mini-competition, but includes the option for suppliers and contractors to join at any time.

CHIC continually manages the relationships with suppliers and contractors, to ensure that pricing remains competitive and that the expected quality of work is achieved, as well as securing added social value. CHIC does not only offer a compliant ‘route to market’ but provides ongoing contract management support.

CHIC’s members create a vibrant asset management community, where ideas, innovations, solutions, practical experience and lessons learned can all be shared to mutual benefit. This shared intelligence base will be increasingly important as CHIC supports its members to work towards a net zero carbon future.