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Central Housing Investment Consortium Ltd, or CHIC for short, is a consortium of housing associations and local authorities.

We exist to secure efficiencies and savings for our members’ asset management programmes, including all repairs, maintenance and new build activities. CHIC has a comprehensive suite of EU-compliant Materials Supply, Legal, New Build, Merchants, Works & Services Contracts and Frameworks.

Smart saving with CHIC

CHIC membership continues to grow. We now have over 70 members managing over 700,000 homes.

To date we have saved over £50m for members.

Legal Services

Legal Services

Buildsmart New Homes

BuildSmart New Homes



Planned Investment

Planned Investment

Responsive Materials

Responsive Materials

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Coronavirus Summary Statement of Supply Chain Pandemic Preparedness

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting everyday operations in more and more industries, with construction and maintenance works in the social sector starting to feel the effects of the pandemic. CHIC as a responsible framework provider has engaged all of our supply chain to understand the level of preparedness in dealing with the challenges caused by … Continue reading “Coronavirus Summary Statement of Supply Chain Pandemic Preparedness”


As the government recommends stricter measures in delaying the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to reassure you that the wellbeing of our members and employees is of upmost importance. We are closely monitoring and adhering to Government advice and doing everything we can to help, whilst still being fully committed to delivering a … Continue reading “CHIC RESPONSE TO COVID-19”

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