Securing efficiencies and savings for our members

CHIC now has over 200 members across the UK, all benefitting from smart asset management and procurement efficiencies

“The project was delivered in a timely manner and we are very pleased with the service”

Aster Group

“Whenever we need a compliant solution, we always go to CHIC first because 9 times out of 10 they will have what we need”


“Connexus has been a member of CHIC since its inception in 2010. The investment is very much long-term and has helped us achieve great savings and efficiencies over the years”


“Taking out the headache of running our own procurement exercises, it allows our organisation to allocate our time elsewhere and makes us more efficient”

Saxon Weald

To date we have saved our members over


Quick and efficient route to market to fit your requirements.

We work with our members to maximise end to end supply chain value. Transform the way you deliver your services with fully managed procurement, expert account management, dedicated supply chain liaison and commercial support. CHIC can be the critical friend to help deliver long term savings.


The Retrofitting Challenge

Developing carbon efficient homes is essential to meeting the Governments net zero carbon targets. Arguably though the greater challenge lies with decarbonisation of existing homes to ensure they are fit […]

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CHIC’s latest £150m framework, available now

CHIC has just completed the procurement of a national 4-year Framework for the provision of independent auditing and validation services for asbestos management, commercial and domestic gas safety, electrical safety, […]

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CHIC Conference 2021 Presentation Slides

If you were at our annual conference last week, you would know that we hosted a wide range of great speakers discussing the latest developments and challenges from the social […]

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Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) – Myth Buster

Much has been written about Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). Some opinions differ and this leads to misconceptions about MMC, what it is and how it works. We are often […]

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We have launched our innovative £500m Digital Asset Delivery Framework

CHIC has just completed the procurement of a national 8-year Digital Asset Delivery Framework for advising, capturing, creating, hosting, and maintaining Digital Assets in respect of the built environment for […]

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