About CHIC

A member owned procurement and asset management consortium, delivering efficiencies and social value for its members.

CHIC is a collaborative, not for profit, member owned and governed consortium that delivers compliant procurement solutions and commercial support to our members in partnership with the supply chain. We secure savings for our members and are committed to the delivery of improved environmental outcomes and added social value through all that we do.


CHIC recovers its costs through transaction fees, generally included within contractor, consultant or supplier prices. CHIC claims these direct from the supply chain, so members just pay the contract cost. Fees are set reflecting the level of service required and the annual contract value. Fees range from 0.5% to 4% (6% for legal services).

The larger the value of the contract or project, then the lower the fee.

CHIC’s managed services offer great value to enhance savings, but if members only want framework access, we adjust fees accordingly.

Service delivery

CHIC’s management services are provided by a dedicated team under a service contract with ARK Consultancy Limited.

The contract was procured by CHIC through a Restricted Procedure public procurement process and performance is monitored by CHIC’s Board of Directors.

Our Mission

To work collaboratively with our members and supply chain partners, to deliver efficiencies through high quality asset management procurement and commercial services.

Our vision is to improve our members homes and communities as asset management experts that provide great procurement services, delivering savings, driving sustainability, embracing new technology and delivering added social value. 

CHIC's Values

Case studies

CHIC has delivered significant cost savings, efficiencies and other added value outcomes for our members through multiple projects.

Social value

CHIC aims to deliver a range of social value outcomes.

Meet the team

Bringing a wealth of knowledge from across the housing and construction sectors.


Overseen by a Board of Directors, comprising mainly of member representatives.

What our stakeholders say...