Managed service

Procurement with a difference, providing ongoing member support and advice.

CHIC’s senior leadership and membership services teams are asset managers first, not just procurement specialists.

We support members to identify the best solution for their particular needs, then manage the contractor or supplier selection with them through to the award of contract. Unlike other consortia, CHIC then provides ongoing support services (as little or as much as is required) to ensure that the selected contract or service runs smoothly.

Over the years, CHIC has expanded its geographic coverage and now has products and services that can be utilised by its members across all parts of the UK. Members requirements can differ based on geographical location; our regional Members Services Representative will work to understand their members local issues and requirements to propose the best solutions for them.

Helping our members bridge the gap between strategic thinking and operational delivery

Membership is free and available to any public sector organisation or charity. Current members include housing associations, local authorities and members from the health and education sectors. Each member is supported by a regional member lead.

Commercial Support
and Reporting

CHIC maintains price catalogues for merchants and materials manufacturers, which are kept under constant review. We deliver competitive pricing for members, supported by the aggregated volumes of consortium purchasing. We report regularly to our members on pricing, savings achieved and options available to enhance efficiencies. Members appreciate this added value – our managed service helps to provide ongoing efficiencies once the procurement process has completed.

Supply Chain

CHIC’s relationships with its framework and DPS contractors, consultants and suppliers are as important as those with our members. We seek to work in partnership, so we can deliver the most competitive prices but without compromising overall value. CHIC aims to work collaboratively with the whole supply chain so together we can deliver the very best service for members.

Meet our Member
Services Team

Sarah Degg

Head of Member Services (West)

Chris Brockwell

Head of Member Services (South)

Adrian Hussain

Head of Member Services (East)

Stephen Sharman

Member Services Director

Jackie Leonard

Head of Member Services (Wales)

Joanne Heyes

Head of Member Services (North)

Our services

Our comprehensive selection of services across asset management and development programmes.

CHIC Order Management System (COMS)

A smart way to help manage your supply chains.

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