The social housing sector in the UK is facing a pressing need to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in order to tackle climate change and meet government targets. Energy efficiency is particularly important for social housing providers, as their properties tend to have a higher proportion of vulnerable and low income households who may be more at risk from fuel poverty. The development of sustainable and affordable housing is a key priority and the procurement of energy services is a critical aspect of achieving this goal.

This is where CHIC’s Energy Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) comes in, offering a compliant route to market for energy services that enables our members to access a range of energy brokers/consultants and energy suppliers/distributors via two separate lots.

FATS No. 2017/S 131-267580

Awarded: 03/07/2018

DPS Lots

Including (but not limited to) estate management, account management, bureau services, metering services including a M&T, invoice validation (on a retrospective basis if necessary), risk management services, procurement of gas/electricity in compliance with EU/UK regulations, including from renewable sources and/or on a flexible basis.

Including (but not limited to) supply of gas, electricity (half hourly and non-half hourly), including from renewable sources and/or on a flexible basis.


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