Capital & Planned Investment

Programmes of Capital and Planned Investment are essential to ensure that your assets are in good condition, are well managed and meet your current and future needs.

Whether delivered through an in-house team or an external contractor, CHIC has a solution to support your needs.

Whatever your current and future investment strategy includes, CHIC:

  • Can source materials for all in-house delivered programmes
  • Can source external contractors, on a supply and fit or fit only basis, with separate materials supply
  • Has manufacturer supply and fit options (e.g. windows and doors and fire doors)
  • Works with small and medium enterprises as well as the larger regional and national contractors, giving you access to a wide pool of service providers
  • Can support the delivery of all types of projects, ranging from very small to high value, long-term rolling contracts
  • Supports whole house and estate wide regeneration solutions.

CHIC’s capital and planned investment options save you time on lengthy and expensive procurement and give you access to competitive prices, collective learning and the experience of all our suppliers and members. We help you keep a tight control on costs and deliver added social value

CHIC works closely with contractors and suppliers to ensure that we can offer flexible and competitively priced contract options:

  • Members can access these through CHIC’s frameworks, via direct award or mini-competition, or with a mini-competition through our Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)
  • We have supported major projects in all capital and planned works, including kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors, roofs, gas and heating installations, as well as whole house and regeneration projects
  • Where materials and labour are split to improve value for money, materials supply can be managed efficiently and transparently through CHIC’s Order Management System (COMS)
  • If you have leaseholders to consult on any works, the use of CHIC’s DPS enables you to comply with Section 20 requirements for leaseholder consultation. Any nominated qualifying contractor can be added to the DPS before the procurement commences
  • Our team can help you scope your future programme, identify the most cost effective options and then support supplier selection and delivery. All this leaves you free to focus on securing quality outcomes for your customers