Technology Solutions

Smarter Asset Management Through Technology

CHIC recognises that there is an increasing range of smart technology solutions available to our members, to help them deliver great services for their customers. CHIC aims to provide a service that will enable members to access the technology products they need.

Technology covers many different aspects of how our members deliver their asset management services.

Smart Buildings

  • Devices to help landlords monitor building performance and occupant lifestyles
  • Energy generation and storage, to reduce carbon and fuel poverty
  • Heat and water distribution and management

Asset Strategies

  • Sophisticated modelling of data on assets, people, financial and market information to determine accurate asset performance
  • Data and modelling on energy usage and efficiency, to profile decarbonisation

Building Safety

  • Technology to capture design and construction details of existing assets, including all building services, to create digital records that are easily accessible
  • Fire safety management and planning solutions, with tried and tested technologies to manage fire risks effectively
  • Access and security technologies, to keep people safe and secure
  • Added value technologies, that improve residents wellbeing, such as telecommunications, media access and smart lift technologies

Staff Support

  • Devices that keep workers safe, such as lone worker tracking
  • Mobile technologies, to manage customer services efficiently through the ability to maximise productivity

CHIC’s aim is to be able to provide access to the wide portfolio of technology solutions that our members may need. We are progressively identifying market products and establishing procurement solutions which will give members easy access to these.

Access will be via a framework or CHIC’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

CHIC’s members create a vibrant asset management community, where new technologies are created, tested and shared. CHIC works proactively with all members to encourage this collaboration, so that we can offer the range of technologies our members need to access for their asset management programmes.