With the increasing use of technology in our daily lives, having access to reliable and efficient telecommunications systems is becoming increasingly important for both landlords and tenants.

In the social housing sector, it is crucial for tenants to be able to contact their housing authority in a timely and efficient manner. Corporate telecommunications systems play a vital role in facilitating this communication process.

The ability to communicate effectively with tenants, staff and stakeholders is essential for providing quality services and maintaining relationships. The telecommunications industry has evolved significantly over the years and keeping up with the latest technology can be a challenge.

CHIC’s DPS offers a compliant and efficient route to market for social housing providers to access a wide range of telecommunications services, including traditional and IP telephony, connectivity solutions such as broadband and leased lines, mobile communications services and combined supplies/services. The DPS includes multiple Lots, ensuring that members can access the specific services they need. Additionally, the DPS offers technical guidance and ongoing maintenance of equipment, ensuring that providers can keep their telecommunications systems up to date and functioning smoothly.

FATS No. 2017/S 159-328774

Awarded: 18/08/2017

DPS Lots

Including (but not limited to) all traditional telephony, IP telephony, and any necessary hardware/equipment. Voice services to be provided across PSTN, ISDN, SIP Trunking and any other applicable options available. Services to be provided may include technical guidance for the customer and ongoing maintenance of equipment, including legacy elements. Additionally, this category can also cover call management, video/audio conferencing and other services relevant to the nature of this category.

Including (but not limited to) all WAN broadband, ethernet leased lines, LAN and VPN solutions and any necessary hardware or equipment. Services to be provided may also include guidance and support for the customer in designing their preferred solution and ongoing management/maintenance.

Including (but not limited to), data, voice, voicemail services, SMS, mobile email, data applications, devices (handsets, tablets, and other equipment) and device management across a variety of tariffs and plans suitable for the requirements of customers awarding contracts. Services to be provided may also include guidance and support for the customer in designing their preferred solution.

Including (but not limited to) all elements required under Categories 1 to 3.


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