Newbuild Development

CHIC’s newbuild services offer flexible solutions to support members in the development of new homes, including comprehensive offsite manufacturer options.

BuildSmart – CHIC’s Newbuild Services

BuildSmart offers CHIC’s members the opportunity to secure efficiencies in the development process. Not all developing organisations manage their own frameworks. That is where CHIC comes in.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

CHIC has procured contracts with a range of MMC providers, to offer direct access to modular off site manufactured solutions.  CHIC offers a compliant procurement solution, standard house type designs and coordinated material supplies. Members can directly access any of our long term contracts.

Some contracts also offer a full contracting service, so the manufacturer can also act as the main contractor – a ‘turnkey’ solution.

Tendering via CHIC’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

CHIC’s members often want to run a tender for each new project and want access to an appropriate range of contractors and consultants. This can be for a brick and block design and build solution, for timber frame or fully modular.

CHIC’s DPS provides a wide variety of registered contractors and consultants, offering members a cost effective and time efficient route to market. New contractors and consultants can be added at any time, to suit local requirements.

A DPS mini-tender can be run at any stage of the development process. benchmark costs. Or a tender could be based upon fully developed designs and employers requirements.

CHIC will help you to understand what best suits your needs and fully support the tender process.

Why DPS?

A DPS offers members a PCR 2015 compliant solution for competitive tendering. Projects must be tendered, but this is managed through an efficient electronic process. The scope of each tender can be geared to individual project and member requirements.

CHIC Materials for Newbuild

Over the last decade CHIC has achieved significant savings for its members by procuring materials collaboratively and managing relationships and pricing direct with manufacturers. These benefits can also be applied to newbuild schemes.

By supplying key components to newbuild contractors, members can ensure they specify the quality of products required, whilst securing competitive pricing. So members can use the same materials as they do in their asset management programmes and control this element of their newbuild costs,

Orders can be managed through CHIC’s Order Management System (COMS).