Grounds & Tree Maintenance

Saxon Weald contacted CHIC to assist with a large-scale procurement need for their Grounds & Tree Maintenance project, for all their housing stock. 

This exercise saw the sites split into five Lots, four for grounds maintenance and one for trees, with the possibility of a different contractor winning each Lot.

CHIC vetted all the interested contractors to onboard to our Dynamic Purchasing System, carrying out due diligence to ensure they have sufficient credentials, allowing them to bid on a maximum of two of the Lots. CHIC provided support with the tender questions and the scoring, presenting bidding contractor responses in a digestible format and quantifying answers to allow easy selection of successful applicants.

Once Saxon Weald approved selection of the winning contractors, CHIC collated all documentation so they could be onboarded to their systems. Utilising CHIC’s DPS, they conducted a mini competition, resulting in the selection of three successful contractors covering all regions.

“The overall process was seamless, efficient, and we will happily utilise their services again in the event of another large-scale retender.” Thomas Coleman, Saxon Weald.

Post-Contract Support

Recognising the need for ongoing support, Saxon Weald saw the benefit of using CHIC’s managed service solution. Regular review meetings were established, fostering continuous communication between Saxon Weald, CHIC and each contractor.

These meetings became a forum to discuss potential issues and ensure that the contract runs as expected. This collaborative approach strengthened the partnership, ensuring effective management and addressing any challenges promptly.

It was a pleasure to work with Saxon Weald on this activity and I wish to congratulate all the successful contractors on the award of their new contracts.” Joanne Heyes, CHIC

Feedback from the Appointed Contractors:

Connick Tree Care: “We look forward to working in partnership with Saxon Weald, to ensure that trees on their properties are healthy, safe and well maintained and that our services meet the needs and expectations of the residents. Our teams of experienced and knowledgeable arborists are committed to producing high quality workmanship and providing excellent customer service. We are confident that we will exceed the expectations of Saxon Weald and its residents and look forward to developing an excellent partnering relationship.” Zoe Hazelden, Senior Administrator

GreenServe: “GreenServe’s successful procurement and execution of the grounds maintenance contract for Saxon Weald demonstrates the company’s expertise and delivering high-quality, sustainable services. The ongoing project management reflects GreenServe’s adaptability and commitment to client satisfaction. This case serves as a model for future endeavours in similar procurement processes. Above all, communication and feedback from Saxon Weald has been the main factor in GreenServe being able to successfully deliver on their tender proposal.” Darren Cooper, Director

Grounds Care Group: “We are pleased to share our positive experience with the recent grounds maintenance procurement exercise on behalf of Saxon Weald by CHIC. The process was remarkably well-organised and communicated, showcasing a transparent and inclusive approach that truly reflects the commitment to excellence from all parties, even more so with a strict deadline. From the initial framework evaluation right through to the invitation to bid and contract award, CHIC managed a comprehensive process, outlining project requirements and evaluation criteria. This clarity allowed us to prepare a thorough and competitive proposal, aligning our services with Saxon Wealds specific needs.” Adam Brindle, CEO / Founder

Scapes Group: “We are pleased that the work which has been carried out thus far has been to best horticultural best practice. We have received positive feedback from local residents about the grounds maintenance, saying that the Scapes team went above and beyond and were approachable, helpful and went away with the area looking very smart.” Nikki Rapley, Customer Service Co-Ordinato

This case study illustrates CHIC’s dynamic and collaborative approach, ensuring a tailored solution to Saxon Weald’s procurement challenges and ongoing success in grounds and tree maintenance. The positive feedback from the appointed suppliers echoes the effectiveness of the process and the commitment to exceeding expectations.

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