Procurement Act 2023: Ensuring Compliance and Knowledge

CHIC will be providing a ‘Countdown’ to the launch of the Act in October 2024. Here are the topics that will be published over the coming months:

• April – Impact for Suppliers/Contracting Authorities (Members)
• May – Transparency
• June – Performance
• July – Frameworks
• August – Direct Awards/Mini-Competitions
• September – Notices
• October – Launch of Act

The CHIC procurement team keeps up to date on legislative changes affecting Public Procurement, to ensure the delivery of knowledgeable and compliant solutions. Knowledge drop videos are now accessible for Suppliers and Contracting Authorities to acquaint themselves with the Procurement Act 2023. As well as informing the CHIC Procurement Team, these are also a great tool for our members and supply chain partners. They can be accessed at:

Online eLearning Modules are set to be released within in the next month for all Contracting Authorities, aiming to educate them about the upcoming changes in preparation for the Go-Live date of October 2024. The CHIC Procurement Team will be reviewing these new modules as they become available.

The learning and development team at the Government Commercial College has established a “Community of Practice (CoP)” for the Transforming Public Procurement (TPP) programme. This will serve as a platform for sharing, learning, and collaborating among procurement, commercial, and commissioning professionals affected by the new procurement regime in their public sector organisations. If you have any questions about the Procurement Act, please get in touch with Sam Domican, our Director of Procurement at [email protected]

Ade Osunsanmi on the Procurement Act

Ade, CHIC’s Head of Procurement participated in the Sentry Doors Webinar around why sustainability and social value are important parts of the procurement process. She discussed the background of the refined objectives and procurement procedures, provided an update on contracting authority milestones and what suppliers can do to prepare for the upcoming changes.

She was joined by Guy Stapleford, Head of Consultancy Services at Procurement for Housing and Ahmed Loonat, Senior Business Development Manager at Sentry Doors.

If you would like to see a recording of the session you can do so here:

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