CHIC Sponsored Walk

The CHIC Team is excited to announce our upcoming participation in our annual sponsored walk to raise money for our charity, CHIP. On Saturday 18th May 2024, we have challenged the CHIC team to put on their walking gear, whatever the weather, and either walk 5 miles, 10 miles or 15 miles starting in Warwickshire. The funds raised will be used to support local communities and to make a positive impact for those in need.

During the walk, we will be accompanied by our lovable mascot, Chick, who will motivate us to maximize our steps and keep us encouraged throughout the journey.

Every step counts in shaping a better and brighter future. Sponsorship of any amount is welcomed.

Be sure to keep an eye on CHIC’s Linkedin and Twitter to follow along the journey.

CLICK HERE to sponsor the CHIC Team

More About CHIP:

CHIP is the charity at the heart of our sponsored walk. CHIP is supported by CHIC to ensure that social value dividends are delivered as a direct result of CHIC’s asset management and procurement activities.

CHIP seeks to bring positive, sustainable changes to people’s lives by supporting local employment groups to deliver direct support and training for people distant from the workplace to help them get into sustainable jobs, supporting projects in communities that are local to CHIC’s members via a Community Chest Fund and direct social value delivery through a range of community initiatives.

CLICK HERE to donate directly to CHIP and find out more

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