CHIC Newbuild Framework Stakeholder Consultation 2

CHIC’s aspiration is to establish a new Gold Standard development framework, to offer solutions for development and regeneration schemes of all types and sizes across the UK. But as well as a route to market for members, we intend to establish a ‘framework core group’ that shares learning, understanding and ideas and promotes standardisation and collaboration.

In July, we held a successful roundtable consultation event, seeking stakeholder input to the procurement of this new newbuild framework by CHIC for our members.

The second in the series was held on 9th November, outlining our proposed structure for the framework and sought comments and thoughts from stakeholders to enable CHIC to ensure that we are offering a route to market that members want, and supply chain partners will apply for.

Positive discussions were held, which have now been published into a summary report. The framework was welcomed and we look forward to launching the procurement process formally early in 2023.

CHIC Newbuild Consultation 2 Report

CHIC Newbuild Consultation 2 Slides

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Sarah Davey (Head of Development) [email protected]

Questions Discussed:

Framework Lots, Workstreams and Participants

  • Do the proposed Lots and Workstreams cover all of the scope required for consultants, MMC manufacturers and contractors?
  • Are the scheme size ranges appropriate?
  • Are the proposed numbers of framework participants appropriate, given national geographical coverage?

Framework Usage – Predicated Values and Volumes

  • Are the average scheme values reasonable for each Lot and Workstream?
  • Are the assumed numbers of schemes appropriate?
  • Are the resultant contract notice values a fair forecast of potential framework values?

Tender Cost Models

  • Is the approach for consultancy pricing appropriate?
  • Is the consultant cost model structure ‘simple’ enough, whilst including sufficient detail for direct call-off contracts?

Framework Agreement (FAC-1) & Forms of Contract

  • Is the FAC-1 the right form of Framework Agreement for this procurement?
  • Are the proposed standard forms of call-off contract the right ones?
  • Are there any other standard documents or contract forms we need?

Managing the Framework once established

  • CHIC intends to run regular framework Core Group roundtable meetings – how often should these be held and where?
  • What information are you prepared to share with other framework stakeholders (costs, designs, specifications, supply chain partners, KPI performance etc)?
  • What should CHIC be doing to monitor Social Value outcomes?
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