Accelerating the Journey to a Sustainable Housing Sector

As the world works towards a net zero future, the public housing sector’s role in combating climate change has become increasingly evident, with around 20% of carbon emissions in the UK coming from homes.

With the 2030 EPC C target and then the 2050 zero carbon goals fast approaching, CHIC through its Decarbonisation and Renewables service is actively driving the transition to sustainable and decarbonised homes for its member organisations. With an extensive range of frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems (DPS) in place, CHIC provides an efficient and comprehensive route to market for social housing landlords.

Building Sustainable Foundations

CHIC’s diverse range of frameworks, including all Building Works, Consultancy, Conveyancing, Digital Asset Delivery, Fire Door Sets, Merchants, Roofing Systems, Newbuild and Windows & Doors, offers a rounded approach to sustainability in the housing sector. These frameworks provide social housing landlords with access to a carefully vetted selection of suppliers and contractors who adhere to the highest standards of quality, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. By utilising these frameworks, CHIC ensures that every aspect of the built environment aligns with sustainable principles, accelerating the adoption of eco-friendly practices. CHIC’s frameworks are published as unranked, providing the flexibility you need to work with the right suppliers for you.

Dynamic Purchasing Systems: A Catalyst for Change

CHIC’s DPS serve as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency in the housing sector. A flexible alternative route to market, a DPS is an open ended electronic system meaning new suppliers can join at any time. CHIC streamlines the procurement process, eliminating complexities and accelerating the implementation of sustainability initiatives whilst delivering critical asset management works.

Efficient Route to Market

Through our frameworks and DPS solutions, CHIC offers social housing landlords an efficient route to market for sustainable solutions. By pre-qualifying suppliers and contractors based on our expertise, track record and commitment to sustainability, CHIC ensures that social housing landlords can access the most reliable and environmentally conscious service providers. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures that projects are executed with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

Collaborative Approach

CHIC’s commitment to collaboration is instrumental in driving the adoption of sustainable practices in the housing sector. By fostering effective partnerships with both social housing landlords and the supply chain through a fully managed procurement process, CHIC creates a collaborative network that promotes knowledge sharing, innovation and the collective drive towards a net zero housing sector. Through this collaboration, CHIC empowers social housing landlords to make informed decisions, develop sustainable strategies and successfully implement decarbonisation initiatives.

Healthy Homes Framework

The CHIC Healthy Homes Framework is an upcoming route to market for delivering retrofit energy efficiency measures and refurbishment works. The framework will cover various retrofit and building safety solutions such as consultancy services, fabric first measures, ventilation systems, renewable energy and heat systems, whole house refurbishment as well as digital measuring tools and platforms to help measure the effectiveness of the installed measures.

Luke Hurd, Chief Operating Officer said “This new framework is highly sought after by our members, therefore we have taken great steps to ensure that it is all encompassing and meets our members requirements. We look forward to its release in the coming months and are confident that this will help create a more sustainable future, improving the lives of many UK residents”

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