The latest job opportunities at CHIC

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Procurement Manager (Wales)

The post-holder will support the Head of Procurement to:

  • Plan all procurement activity as required by our members in Wales
  • Produce compliant tender packs that meet the specific requirements of our members
  • Manage the resulting tender processes
  • Ensure compliant administration of all procurement activity
  • Produce call-off contracts upon final award of a tender 

The post-holder will manage all DPS mini-competition activities in Wales and maintain all DPS records and updates as required.

The post-holder will report on the procurement activity delivered in Wales, keeping accurate records for reporting:

  • Scope of services being procured
  • Value of contracts being raised
  • Accurate records on the supply chain being awarded works, including direct impact on the Welsh economy
  • Geographical location of works that are being delivered
  • Feedback from members on supply chain performance

Procurement Officer x2 (Wales & Midlands)

This is a key role within the CHIC Business Support Team, supporting the delivery of our procurement activities.

The post-holder will support the Head of Procurement & Commercial to plan, manage, administer and deliver the compliant procurement of new framework agreements, long term contracts and a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), with support from CHIC team colleagues and member representatives. 

The post-holder will provide support to CHIC’s Head of Procurement & Commercial to:

  • Administer all procurement activity through the Delta E-Portal, including management of all day-to-day framework and DPS mini-competition activities
  • Maintain all call-off contract and DPS records and updates as required
  • Provide general administrative support and document management for all of CHIC’s procurement activities


Head of Member Services (Midlands)

Are you an experienced business development professional with a successful track record of building relationships and selling services? Or are you an experienced Social Housing professional with subject matter expertise in Assets & Property Services with a consultative approach and the ability to cultivate business relationships? If either description fits, or you can bring both to the table, then you can achieve your potential with an exciting opportunity as a Head of Service for the Midlands.

The objective of the role will be to secure new customers to CHIC, offering procurement solutions & services that offers our customers access to group procurement, economies of scale and scope, preferential offers and rapid access to a range of vetted services within Asset Management, Property Services, Compliance & Development. You will be responsible for marketing the service, and the products and solutions that it contains to prospective and existing customers across the Midlands to generate growth.


Social Value Manager

Part of CHIC’s business strategy is to make our Social Value contributions clearer. So, this summer, we are establishing a new charity – CHIP – to manage these activities.

CHIP will work proactively with contractors and suppliers to ensure that all contractual obligations are achieved and it will commission and monitor Local Employment Groups and other voluntary sector organisations to create and support employment opportunities for people who are disadvantaged and distant from the workplace.

CHIP will also manage a rolling programme of small Community Chest grants for members, by inviting, evaluating and monitoring outcomes for projects where grant funding will enable local groups of residents and community stakeholders to secure meaningful improvements to community wellbeing and social value.

The social value manager will manage the day to day operations of CHIP.