CHIC offers a dynamic supply chain providing our members with a marketplace to buy and manage services. 

We ensure delivery of quality outcomes from our pre-approved and ever-growing network of suppliers and consultants. Our fully compliant open access marketplace is outcomes-based, meaning our public sector members only pays for what is delivered.

We provide a compliant managed procurement service covering specification development, supplier identification & onboarding, commercial management and lessons learned upon successful delivery of outcomes.


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Requirement Development

Our Procurement Team will work with you to develop a fully compliant, streamlined process for your project or programme, providing standardised documentation and sharing learnings and best practice.

Supplier Identification & Onboarding

Selecting from our dynamic supplier marketplace encompassing large corporates, SMEs contractors and professional consultants, we will draw on our internal knowledge and data to propose a shortlist of appropriate service suppliers, identifying and onboarding new suppliers where needed.

Managed Sourcing Process

We will deliver a managed sourcing process through direct award or mini-competition, including creating and publishing the invitation to tender (ITT), managing clarifying questions pre-tender, issuing bids on receipt and managing the evaluation process through to award.

Contract Award & Management

Working alongside you and your appointed supplier, we will develop detailed, robust and fully compliant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are based on outcomes and value.

Commercial Management

Our team of Head of Member Services (HoMS) will work with you and your appointed supplier to ensure Delivery and Performance is in line with the completion of agreed milestones, meaning you only ever pay for what has been delivered. We will also provide regular reporting on the status and progress of your projects against planned deliverables.​

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