Formed as a not for profit organisation back in 2010, we operate under objectives inspired by our members requirements…

  • To procure a series of collaborative labour and/or materials supply Frameworks and contracts
  • Secure cashable savings for each member
  • To standardise the members approach to investment planning, procurement and contract delivery
  • To establish and manage competitive price catalogues
  • To promote effective training and personal development programmes for member, contractor and Bidder staff
  • To grow the consortium in order to increase volumes of work and secure maximum efficiency gains for all of its current and future members
  • To encourage the creation of more jobs and training opportunities for people from disadvantaged communities and to promote supply chain opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The table below shows how our ongoing commercial support has maintained competitive pricing for our growing membership over the last 10 years

CPI VS RPI VS CHIC Basket Pricing Comparison