New CHIC eSourcing portal – Procurement and Tender management

CHIC in collaboration with Panacea Software have launched their automated software to oversee all procurement procedures, the CHIC eSourcing portal.

The portal utilises Panacea’s award-winning e-Procurement modules providing a comprehensive procurement system for all our member’s contracts for goods or services (Framework, DPS, RFQ, PQQ, etc), from e-tender through to call off and award, real-time reporting and audit trail. An intuitive system, CHIC aims to cut costs, deliver improved services, and comply with new UK procurement law.

The new eSourcing service is available now for use by all CHIC Members.

Some of the key benefits for buyers using the new service are summarised below:

• Increased functionality – ability to handle low value procurements, and collaborative procurement;
• Reduced duplication of input – saving time and resources for buyers;
• Long-term service contract – enabling increasing expertise over time;
• Embeds procurement policy and best practice – improving compliance;
• Improved reporting – providing high quality procurement activity data in timely way to inform decisions; and
• One location for all opportunities – providing a common ‘look and feel’ for users.

CHIC eSourcing launch

In order to ensure a successful transition to the new e-procurement service, migration has now commenced.

Migration of current CHIC Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) and Frameworks

All existing CHIC routes to market are being migrated to the new portal – supplier organisations are expected to be able to check their work categories/lots on go-live commencing 1st November 2022. All existing Request to Participate (RTP) will be considered until the effective date, however suppliers should now only submit a new RTP on the new eSourcing portal.

The Delta service will continue to run to conclude all existing call-off competitions after the ‘go-live’ date. All competitions already advertised before go-live will remain on Delta; new competitions after this date will be initiated on the CHIC eSourcing portal. New routes to market will include the:

CHIC New Build Framework 2023
CHIC Retrofit Framework 2023

CHIC eSourcing -Standardisation

The configuration of CHIC eSourcing will be so that the service will provide a common look and feel to suppliers irrespective of the contracting authority undertaking any particular procurement.


Please direct queries about this update to CHIC Procurement & Commercial at [email protected]

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