Materials Pricing – How CHIC helps you save

Materials & Merchants

CHIC’s merchant services, materials frameworks and dynamic purchasing system (DPS) allow members to work directly with a wide selection of market leading suppliers for materials and merchant services. CHIC can offer over the counter solutions, van stock management, delivered services or bespoke fully managed stores.

CHIC manages frameworks with a wide range of materials manufacturers and suppliers. We maintain price catalogues to help members choose the best value products for their planned programmes or new homes. These can be supplied to both internal and external contractors, for planned investment and newbuild projects.

CHIC also manages a comprehensive price catalogue for each materials manufacturer and merchant, to offer volume discounts and benchmarked value for money on all the materials and components most commonly used for responsive repairs and planned investment works.

CHIC reviews each members monthly spend data to identify any new products that are purchased on a regular basis; these are then added to the merchant catalogue with agreed prices.

The chart below shows CHIC’s price comparison over the last 12 years for a standard basket of goods, with CHIC’s annual budget price compared to the best price from 2011, had it been increased annually by CPI or KPI. This demonstrates that a CHIC materials price is consistently better value for money then the market average.

CHIC’s dedicated supply chain team keeps a close eye on material prices and with a monthly cost analysis monthly reported to our members.

To find out more, please get in touch with Giles, CHIC’s Head of Merchant Services at [email protected]

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