Healthy Homes Framework

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Healthy Homes Framework, to support landlords to create healthier living spaces that prioritise sustainability, comfort and efficiency. Developed in response to the need to decarbonise the UK’s social housing stock, this framework encompasses a range of support services, including consultancy, contract delivery and digitisation.

The framework is divided into three distinct lots to ensure the right suppliers can deliver the services and works:

Lot 1 – Consultancy Services is tailored for firms specialising in consultancy and design services. It invites expertise in strategising, assessing, planning and advising on energy efficiency, PAS2035 and building safety enhancements.

Lot 2 – Works and Services is designed for suppliers offering contracting services. This lot encompasses the execution of retrofitting measures, property safety refurbishments and the implementation of various solutions specified within the framework.

Lot 3 – Digitisation focuses on innovative digital solutions. It welcomes suppliers skilled at providing digital tools and platforms essential for measuring, monitoring and managing the effectiveness of the implemented solutions.

Compliant with PAS 2030 and 2035 and Building Safety Bill standards, it serves as a unified solution for landlords to realise their net zero emissions goals. By integrating goods, works and services, it streamlines the process of surveying, design, coordination, assessment, implementation and measurement, making sustainability and safety more attainable.

“CHIC is delighted to be able to meet market demand through our new framework, supporting our members to champion sustainability and safety as part of their wider approach to delivering their asset management strategies. This milestone reflects our commitment to driving positive change, ensuring that every individual has access to a safe, efficient and socially responsible living environment” Luke Hurd, Chief Operating Officer at CHIC.

Find out the approved suppliers on this framework here:

CHIC’s current and future Members can access the framework which offers local, regional and national solutions with service provider flexibility in the procurement processes.

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