Annual Member and Supplier Feedback

Highlights and Service Improvement

Fusion Insight & Strategy conducted a survey on behalf of CHIC from late April to early June 2023, to gather feedback from CHIC’s members and suppliers. The survey was well received with many more of our stakeholders providing feedback compared to previous years.

Key Findings:

Satisfaction: Both members and suppliers expressed satisfaction with their experience of CHIC. There were particularly high scores from our supply chain, expressing an appreciation for the dedication of our supply chain team.

Advocacy: The net promoter score, which measures the likelihood of recommending CHIC, was positive for both members and suppliers.

Likelihood of renewal: Members and suppliers also rated their likelihood of continuing to work with CHIC as high. Feedback on the reasons for this included great usability, customer experience, support, commercial outcomes (for suppliers) and value for money.

Positive Feedback: The majority of words associated with CHIC were positive, associated with general communication, knowledge, a friendly and helpful team, ease of use, support in the tender process and networking events.

Areas for Improvement:

Some respondents mentioned areas that CHIC could improve, such as capacity (not enough people), specific communication during a tender process, having regular client/contractor meetings, ease of use of the CHIC eSourcing platform and providing more detailed information on frameworks.

Feedback from members and suppliers also highlighted the need for more communication, including face to face and telephone interaction. They also emphasized the importance of speed of response, more diverse frameworks and greater value of membership.

Other Insights:

  • 81% of respondents found it clear what CHIC offers.
  • 61% of respondents considered it important that CHIC is a member owned and governed organisation, with members valuing this aspect more than suppliers.
  • The member relationship with CHIC was generally positive but not strongly defined.
  • Suppliers also had a positive relationship with CHIC.
  • Members and suppliers agreed that working with CHIC had value.
  • Some suppliers expressed having a limited number of opportunities and chances of securing projects through CHIC’s frameworks.


To enhance customer experience, CHIC will focus on ensuring a pleasant experience for all stakeholders. Overall, members and suppliers expressed satisfaction with CHIC, but there is still room for improvement. The CHIC team was praised for its friendliness, knowledge and approachability.

CHIC greatly appreciates this feedback and will work towards implementing changes to meet the expectations of our key stakeholders.

Many thanks to all of those that contributed to this important annual survey. Please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] if you missed out or want to provide further feedback.

Congratulations to the 3 winners of the £50 Amazon Vouchers for completing the survey.

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