CHIC Order Management System (COMS)

Get materials direct with the CHIC Order Management System (COMS)

The CHIC Order Management System (COMS) is an online, browser-based ordering solution that features programme and catalogue management for members, as well as a platform to make and receive orders for contractors and suppliers.

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COMS enables members to set up programmes of work, which then automate direct material supplies to contractors, with an effective invoicing interface. Members, suppliers and contractors have complete programme transparency, cost predictability and accuracy. All members of CHIC are eligible to use COMS and a member of our team can support the implementation within your organisation.

CHIC has proven that sourcing materials separately from labour secures savings for our members. CHIC’s direct materials supply solution gives members the ability to select specific products, at a price that reflects consortium volume purchasing. Supply can be to an external or an internal contractor, for any maintenance service or for newbuild. CHIC works with the member to select and source the materials that suit their project or programme and supports the contractor to establish the operational interfaces needed. Contractors find that CHIC’s direct materials supply solutions de-risks pricing and streamlines processes, as the member has selected exactly the materials they want from their chosen manufacturer or supplier. To make this easier CHIC has developed COMS.

If you would like to find out more or view a live demonstration with a member of the team, please get in touch.