CHIC builds social value targets into every work service and material supply contract. This ensures we can deliver consistent, measurable employment outcomes which are directly proportional to contract value.

Newly created procurement frameworks add fresh impetus to the CHIC social value agenda which has now been successfully running for almost 10 years. We are very proud of our record and it is highlighted in each Annual report.

Whilst Social Value can have several interpretations the CHIC model is specifically creating full time employment opportunities and Apprenticeships in particular. These are not all trade Apprenticeships but cover a wide range of disciplines.

Using the Social value dividend, we also engage with local employments groups (LEGS) who are typically grass roots organisations supporting local people to employment. This allows more focus to be applied to those facing specific barriers in the workplace such as long-term unemployment, disability, age or women in manual trades. This year for example CHIC is using the social value dividend to provide Apprenticeships for an organisation that rescues people from modern day slavery.

For 2020 CHIC has directly supported 22 people into new jobs with specific focus on ensuring that those employed are retained for a minimum of 6 months It is pleasing to report that 19 of the 22 were retained for 26 weeks-an 86% achievement-our best yet. Under the CHIC arrangements these young people will continue to be monitored for up to 3 years.

In addition annual CHIC conference hosts the presentation of the Trainee of the year award where all contractors and members are invited to submit entries and allows CHIC to showcase this important agenda.