The CHIC model ensures that spend on assets also results in social return on investment.

Strong relationships with our supply chain partners, coupled with employment and skills targets in our contacts, ensured that CHIC could continue to monitor the social value outputs during the year.


Key employment and skills achievements from 2016/17

  • 41 new apprenticeships created
  • 46 existing apprenticeships safeguarded
  • 125 vocational qualifications
  • 266 short courses
  • 127 CSCS cards issued
  • 17 employed into post (unemployed for under six months)
  • 22 employed into post (unemployed for more than six months)

Our supply chain also adds other value. For example, as part of the Jewson community fund, a CHIC member restored a disused community building that was subject to a high level of anti-social behaviour. This allowed the member to reopen the building to host social clubs including a boxing club, a luncheon club for disabled, mums and toddlers groups and to support an addiction recovery group.