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About CHIC

Formed in 2010 CHIC is a consortium of member landlords currently representing some 45 registered providers and their 400,000 homes (as at Dec 2012).

CHIC's role is to secure efficiencies in the procurement of asset management services for housing organisations. Although CHIC has a Midlands focus, its contracts and services can be accessed across the UK.

CHIC is supported and sponsored by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), and is being managed by Ark Housing Consultancy on behalf of its members.

CHIC recently won the Procurement category in the Housing Innovation Awards 2012

Our Vision

CHIC's vision is to develop a consortium of affordable housing landlords and their partners, who will work together to secure maximum efficiencies from a full range of asset investment programmes.

CHIC's members recognise that the delivery of the vision requires changes to the way they work and interact with the market and supply chain. Members' own staff need to change their approach to procuring and delivering works and services, to progressively deliver efficiencies

Our objectives are:

  1. To procure and manage contracts for the direct supply of all materials to members and their contractors
  2. To procure and manage a series of collaborative labour only works and services contracts and frameworks
  3. To secure minimum cashable savings of 10% for each member, through procurement and delivery efficiencies
  4. To standardise the members’ approach to investment planning, procurement and contract delivery
  5. To establish and operate a common cost and quality database
  6. To promote effective training and personal development programmes for members, contractors and supplier staff
  7. To grow the consortium in order to increase volumes of work and achieve greater efficiencies
  8. To encourage the creation of more jobs and training opportunities for people from disadvantaged communities, and to promote supply chain opportunities for SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises)


CHIC's members work together to deliver sophisticated asset management solutions, to drive quality up and cost down.

By planning and delivering their asset investment programmes collaboratively, members secure cost savings and a range of added value benefits.

CHIC works directly with members, internal and external contractors and the supply chain to work more effectively and to co-ordinate a range of employment and training initiatives.


Membership is open to any affordable housing landlord, who can be Housing Associations (Registered Providers) ALMOs or Local Authorities.

CHIC is established to actively encourage Membership growth – join us now.montage

Latest News

Join Us Today

We are actively seeking new members, RPs, local authorities and ALMOs to join the consortium and are pleased to provide any potential new member with further information.

CHIC's founder member landlords are responsible for the maintenance of around 50,000 homes with many more new homes in development.

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