Flexible packages to get the big things right

CHIC’s contracts and frameworks for planned maintenance and investment put you in control of the big numbers in your annual budget. Choose between labour only, materials only or a combined package to deliver your kitchen and bathroom renewals, programmes for roofs, doors and windows or heating and electrical upgrade projects.


It pays to plan effectively

Our readymade contracts can ease the cost and pain of implementing large scale, complex programmes to keep your property assets up to modern standards and in good condition. We’ve done the hard work of tendering EU-compliant deals that are ideal for either contracted-out or in-house approaches to planned work. CHIC’s planned work services save you time on lengthy and expensive procurement and give you instant access to competitive prices, collective learning and the experience of all our suppliers and members.

It helps you keep a tight control on costs, to maximise the capacity of your contracts and deliver added social value.

​And our materials suppliers offer market beating prices, achieved through the volume procurement across three consortia.

Our team can help you scope your future programme, identify the most cost-effective options and support delivery. All this leaves you free to focus on delivering quality outcomes to your customers.