Q&As – CHIC Supplier Day

How can BuildSmart benefit from the CHIC Planned Maintenance materials buying power?
By sourcing both existing and additional product lines through the Re:Allies materials frameworks where this will reduce Premier, Stewart Milne and the contractors’ costs. Such savings having already been proven through both planned maintenance and newbuild contracts.

How are we future proofing the replacement of products in homes?
By engaging with the supply chain to optimise designs and using BIM we are promoting designs which will ensure future component replacements are as efficient as possible. We are looking at cost in use to maximise life cycles.

Is the base specification range being provided by the preferred suppliers on the CHIC Framework, if so will I be able to select an alternative supplier not on the framework?
The base specification will be provided by Re:allies suppliers where they are most cost effective.  Members can specify alternative materials suppliers which can still be supplied through Re:allies but there may be a cost which will be easy to quantify.

Can we get help working up specific scheme details?
Yes. The consortia teams are there to co-ordinate support.

How can we prove that the Premier Modular product has longevity?
Using case studies of Premier projects that have been delivered over the last 60 years in other sectors.  Some of these (eg education, hotels etc) will experience harder use than residential. CHIC selected Premier because of its significant experience in modular across different sectors.

Are we (CHIC/Re:allies/Premier Modular) doing enough to inform the ultimate decision makers in our organisations of the benefits of volumetric housing?
We can always do more and need support at every level. We are developing a marketing plan and will need to continually promote BuildSmart benefits.

Is Premier Modular’s product mortgageable?
Premier Modular have Checkmate Warranty approval in place. A physical inspection has been carried out of Premier Modular’s product approach, factory conditions, health and safety, materials storage and distribution, technical manuals etc therefore, when the properties leave the factory they already have the warranty in place. There are 3 physical inspections carried out once construction is underway on site to ensure that the properties are built correctly and in accordance with the Warranty conditions. The standard warranty term is 10 years but there is an option more typically taken for rented properties of 12 years plus contractor’s insolvency cover and loss of rental income. If you require any further details on the Warranty please contact Caroline O’Brien co@checkmate.uk.com

Is Premier Modular’s product fire safety regulated?
The volumetric homes do and will comply with all prevailing standards and regulations.

Are the standard house types modelled to BIM (Building Information Modelling) to embed long term data management from concept stage?
Not yet but they will be as we involve the preferred suppliers in design development. This work is already underway.

How can we ensure that the BuildSmart offer isn’t seen as a threat to development teams but an exciting opportunity?
By demonstrating that BuildSmart will allow them to deliver more for less and make their lives easier.  However, we also need to encourage leadership, so members use BuildSmart as policy for their organisations so producing more homes.

Should we be working more with established consortia of housing providers in the first instance rather than tackling individual organisations?
CHIC is an established consortium of housing providers and, through Re:allies, we are also working with other consortia Procure Plus and Efficiency North. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t consider approaching other consortia.

How do we address the poor perception of OSM that persists with some councillors and board members?
By engaging directly with those individuals using the answers to some of the questions above and hosting visits to the factory and completed pilot projects. Also by generating positive press coverage.  This will be part of the rolling marketing plan, but nothing will persuade the sceptics more than a show house! We need some show sites please!