Newbuild Framework Launch

CHIC is hosting a launch event on Thursday 7 March 2024 for all new framework partners on the Newbuild Framework, with an extended invitation to CHIC’s Members.

Time: Lot 1 | 9:30am – 1pm (Consultancy Services), Lot 2 & 3 | 1pm- 5pm (Contractors and MMC manufacturers).

For all new suppliers for the framework, this half day event will provide the opportunity for the following:

  • Reminder of the objectives for establishing the CHIC Newbuild framework agreement
  • Revisit the procurement process and objectives
  • Explain the requirements for signing and returning the FAC 1 Framework Agreement
  • To explain Gold Standard objectives and verification
  • To advise on how work will be awarded under the framework
  • To set out proposals for framework management and collaboration
  • An opportunity for suppliers to ask questions of CHIC about the framework

All Lot 1(Consultancy Services) suppliers are invited to attend the Part 1 session from 9:30am – 1pm and the Part 2 session from 1pm- 5pm, will be for Lot 2 & 3 suppliers (Contractors and MMC manufacturers).

Lunch will be available for all attendees from all Lots between 1pm and 2pm, providing an opportunity for networking. If you would like to attend both session, you are welcome to stay for the duration.

If you have any queestions about the day, please contact [email protected]

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