Building Safety Act: Keeping Up with the Pace

Join us for an insightful webinar that delves into the latest developments in building safety and the upcoming changes that will impact high risk buildings.

The “Building Safety Act: Keeping Up with the Pace” webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the background and context surrounding this crucial legislation, highlighting the significant changes that have occurred in recent years. With a regime change which took effect on October 1st and an anticipated delivery date in April, it’s essential to stay informed and prepared.

We are joined by Wates Group, one of the largest privately-owned construction, development and property services companies in the UK. Stewart Reid, Regional Managing Director, will be discussing how they have been preparing for the BSA, and in particular the new gateway regime for works to existing higher-risk buildings. Stewart will also be sharing Wates’ approach to maintaining the Golden Thread during design and construction.

We understand the importance of getting the message out to our members, ensuring that they are well-informed and engaged in the process. Liam Gratty, Director of Strategic Services at CHIC will share approaches and insights on how to compliantly deliver the essential works captured within the act.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the world of building safety and ensure that you’re well prepared for the upcoming changes.

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