Dynamic Purchasing System

A Flexible alternative route to market

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System?

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is similar to an electronic framework agreement, with two exceptions, new suppliers can join at any time and it is run as a completely electronic process.

Dynamic Purchasing Systems are used exclusively by public sector organisations. They save time and money by being a quick and easy way to access goods, services and works through an compliant route.

Why is a DPS good for CHIC members?

CHIC’s DPS is a PCR 2015 compliant procurement solution, giving flexible options for members for all of CHIC’s asset management and development services. This means members have less administrative work, saving time and money in tender processes.

The timescale for tenders is shorter (if required) meaning the DPS can help members respond to urgent procurement needs. The scope of the CHIC DPS lots is extensive, giving a whole range of solutions to supplement CHIC’s other services. New suppliers can join at any time, to ensure that the offer can be dynamic.

CHIC manage the full DPS draw down process on behalf of members.

Why is a Dynamic Purchasing System is good for suppliers and contractors?

Suppliers can both join and leave Dynamic Purchasing System arrangements whenever they choose PCR 2015 withdrew the four year maximum lifecycle for a Dynamic Purchasing System, leaving the timeframe open. In the case of CHIC’s DPS solutions, they will be re-procured every 5 years (next in 2023) to maintain market competitiveness and relevance to members’ needs.

For more information on how you can benefit from the DPS, please get in touch with a member of the team at enquiries@chicltd.co.uk