Digital Asset Delivery Framework 2021 – Closing Date 11th June 2021

CHIC is procuring an 8-year Framework to commission ‘Service Providers’ for the provision of advising, capturing, creating, hosting, and maintaining Digital Assets in respect of the built environment. 

CHIC is seeking to establish a multi-provider framework with partner(s) that can deliver to our members the following support and services to enable them to transform their physical portfolio into a true Digital Asset. We require a solution that allows us to manage this content through its lifecycle more effectively and to integrate it with existing systems, ensuring capture of the ‘Golden Thread of information’ about each of the Higher Risk Residential Buildings (HRRB), public buildings and large venues across its membership’s portfolio but also providing support and assistance to them in their journey to get there. Our members key deliverables from Digital Asset Delivery being Building Safety, Intelligent Asset Management, and future emissions reduction.

The Framework Agreement will establish partner(s)ships with several providers that will have the in-house capability to complete any or all the following categories that we believe will deliver a comprehensive solution to our Members.

The framework will consist of six Elements, as follows:

  • Element 1 – Digital Advocate
  • Element 2 – Digital Capture
  • Element 3 – Digital Asset Creation
  • Element 4 – Digital Asset Collation
  • Element 5 – Digital Twin Platform
  • Element 6 – Member Specific Development

The procurement can be accessed on the Delta eSourcing platform on the links

If you would like to apply, you should first register on the Delta eSourcing platform at

For more information, please contact Sam Domican, Head of Procurement