‘Communities’ and Housing Investment Consortium

CHIC as a brand is now well known and understood by our many members and supply chain partners. The previous acronym stands for Central Housing and Investment Consortium Ltd. When CHIC was created, some 11 years ago, the name reflected the locations and the activities of the 7 founding housing associations, which were all midlands based.

Since then, CHIC has progressively grown and now comprises over 120 members, working across the UK. As the diversity of CHIC’s products and services has developed, so has the activity base of our membership. Members and users of our services now include organisations in other sectors.

CHIC’s board has considered how the registered name may better reflect CHIC’s current membership, without losing the strengths and benefits of the existing CHIC brand.

The board has therefore agreed it would be sensible to adopt a new name ‘Communities and Housing Investment Consortium Limited’, which reflects the wider geographical and operational activities of our much-increased membership.

 If you have any queries, please get in touch at enquiries@chicltd.co.uk