CHIP – Our New Charity

CHIP (Communities and Housing Investing in People), our new charity has launched.

Community investment and delivering social value are core to CHIC’s objectives. Embedded in each in each major contract with an annual value of more than £1m is an obligation for contractors and supply chain partners to provide a full-time training opportunities at NVQ level 2 or level 3. CHIC also supports people distant from the workplace into employment and wants to support other community projects.

Part of CHIC’s business strategy is to make our Social Value contributions clearer. So, this year we established a new charity – CHIP – to manage these activities.

CHIP will work proactively with contractors and suppliers to ensure that all contractual obligations are achieved and it will commission and monitor Local Employment Groups and other voluntary sector organisations to create and support employment opportunities for people who are disadvantaged and distant from the workplace.

CHIP will also manage a rolling programme of small Community Chest grants for members, by inviting, evaluating and monitoring outcomes for projects where grant funding will enable local groups of residents and community stakeholders to secure meaningful improvements to community wellbeing and social value.

The charity will be governed by five trustees, this comprising two CHIC Board members and three independent representatives. Funding will be primarily provided by CHIC.

Day to day activities will be delivered by a new Social Value Manager, which CHIC is currently recruiting for. If you would like to find out more, please email