CHIC’s latest £150m framework, available now

CHIC has just completed the procurement of a national 4-year Framework for the provision of independent auditing and validation services for asbestos management, commercial and domestic gas safety, electrical safety, fire safety, lifting equipment, mechanical and electrical servicing and water hygiene, accessible by all members.

11 qualified, accredited and experienced organisations have been appointed to deliver these comprehensive audit services and independent assurance for members’ ongoing building and resident safety services.

The framework includes:

Lot 1 – Asbestos Management Auditing

Lot 2 – Commercial Gas Auditing

Lot 3 – Domestic Gas Auditing

Lot 4 – Electrical Safety Auditing

Lot 5 – Fire Safety Auditing

Lot 6 – Lifting Equipment Auditing

Lot 7 – Mechanical and Electrical Auditing

Lot 8 – Water Hygiene Auditing

Appointed safety auditors are:

 Lot 1Lot 2Lot 3Lot 4Lot 5Lot 6Lot 7Lot 8
Clear Safety YYYY YY
Blue Flame Assoc. YYY  Y 
Corgi Tech Ltd YYY    
Morgan Lambert YYY    
Environmental Management SolutionsY       
AEC UK LtdY       
MSS GroupY       
Quay ConsultingY       
Savills   Y    
Ventro Ltd    Y   
Cundall     Y  

Members can access a range of internal Policy Compliance and Site Portfolio Audits along with Site Contractor Assurance Audits. The process is an integral part of regulatory management to ensure that services and works are completed to their defined specification, whilst complying with all legislative and best practice requirements.

The framework includes Policy Compliance Audits, which will assess management systems and control procedures and policies, with a goal of formulating and providing a Compliance Report which identifies any necessary improvements.

Site Audits will be conducted and reviewed against the members existing Management Plan, to highlight any failings in consistency. Suppliers will assist with the implementation of effective processes to monitor contractors and to provide assurance for member boards and residents. CHIC’s Chief Executive, John Fisher said, “We expect that our new framework will provide an effective solution for our members to obtain independent assurance that their building and resident safety obligations are being fully delivered, in a cost effective way”.