CHIC Webinars – Modular Construction Roundup


Early Engagement saves time and cost

CHIC’s latest webinar focused on developing new housing through offsite manufacture. We welcomed two great guest speakers from some of our MMC partners, namely Simon Horn from Stewart Milne and Jack Randall from Impact Modular. Both discussed the benefits of offsite manufacture as well as the hidden advantages that can be gained from MMC, particularly the environmental, programme, health and safety and quality benefits.

Together with CHIC’s Buildsmart representatives, the webinar concluded that traditional thinking still needs to change in order to embrace the benefits of MMC for new homes. The manufacturer needs to be engaged early in the planning and design processes, so that scheme designs can be optimised for great aesthetics and manufacturing efficiency.  Engaging the team early on, instead of tendering a project once all the design is completed, will help to drive much better outcomes.

BuildSmart offers a range of products and methods for delivering MMC, from supply only to full turnkey solutions. The long term contracts CHIC has procured with MMC partners, the use of our standard housetypes, CHIC’s materials supply chain and our Dynamic Purchasing System all provide cost effective solutions for our members development programmes.

Many thanks to all of those that attended, we hope you found the session useful. Attendees of the event brought forward some interesting questions which were all answered in the Q&A session…

  • How are you changing RP attitudes towards MMC?
  • Given the inherent tighter build of systems and OSM, what are the expected air permeability numbers for the finished products and how do these affect the ventilation needs within them for the social market?
  • Which stakeholders are the largest blockers to the sector embracing module construction? How do we bring them on board?
  • What is the future for OSM? Are there any new products on the horizon?

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