CHIC Webinar Day – Round Up

Last week, CHIC hosted our CHIC Webinar Day. This replaced our annual conference, usually held at Worcester Warriors. This years conference is now to be held on Wednesday 17th November. As this is an annual event for many, we decided to hold three webinars instead.

We invited a range of housing and construction professionals to provide their expertise on three topical issues facing the social housing sector. Many thanks to all that attended, our speakers and Mark Easton for hosting.

All three webinars were well attended and very well received. Our speakers delivered excellent perspectives and information on three important topics the sector is currently addressing. This is a short summary of each event below, along with links to revisit the presentations and view a recording of each session.

Asset Management – Now is Time for Action

This webinar took a deep dive into the profile of asset managers and what is expected of social landlords to maintain people and building safety. The webinar considered the implications of the Social Housing White Paper. Our speakers discussed it’s priorities, how to know your landlord is performing well and the reasoning behind why the decent homes standard is under review, alongside the implementation process taken by the Regulator of Social Housing. Other talking points were presented such as the importance of having an effective strategic plan when maintaining properties, the need for using data intelligently and the current section position and lessons learned since the Grenfell tragedy.   

Many thanks to our speakers John Fisher, Chief Executive at CHIC, Lucy Hutton, Head of Social Housing Safety, Decency and Climate Change at MHCLG and Rob Collier, Senior Consultant at ARK Consultancy.

Procurement Post Brexit – What’s Changing?

Brexit has happened, however with recent events, more urgent requirements from the UK Government stole the headlines. This session brought the conversation back and looked at what procurement will look like in the coming months and years and what effect this will have on supply chains. A primary focus was on the recent Government Green Paper – Transforming Public Procurement. Our speakers took an in depth look from a variety of perspectives into the new procurement principles, why there is still a need for greater clarification for social landlords, the imminent challenges in the supply of raw materials and the top 5 takeaway points you should be aware of.

Many thanks to our speakers Jayne Bissell, Group Procurement Manager at Connexus, Mark Robinson, Partner at Trowers & Hamlins, Martin Bull, Procurement Director at BuildBase and Sam Domican, Head of Procurement at CHIC.

Zero Carbon – So What Does It Really Mean?

One of the most highly debated topics within the sector is how we are going to meet the Government ambitious decarbonisation targets. Many social landlords did not understand the challenge until recently, but it is now in every proactive registered provider’s plans for the next three decades. The sector has responded both quickly and positively to embracing this challenge. Our speakers discussed whether we really understand what the full implications are, what tools we can utilise to make the transition easier, the true explanation of what net zero carbon and low carbon is and the great progress that some housing associations, particularly in Wales have already made.

Many thanks to our speakers Andy Sutton, Director of Design & Innovation at Sero, Emma Harvey, Programme Director at Green Finance Institute, Sarah Davey, Head of Development at CHIC and Sarah Scofield, Director of Customers and Communities at ADRA.