Welsh Optimised Retrofit and Building Safety

Enabling Wales to improve the safety and energy efficiency of residential buildings

CHIC has developed a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to procure Bidders of Domestic Energy Efficiency Retrofit Installation Services. Working in partnership with CHIC and its Welsh Clients to develop Energy efficiency solutions to homes within the Welsh geographical regions, the Optimised Retrofit project will see homes across Wales made more energy-efficient. The process will deliver a solution that does not presently exist in the market and provide an effective route to market for pipeline projects from Housing Providers and foster a robust supply chain to deliver net zero energy (NZE) solutions.

The process of retrofitting pathway homes will enable the trial and refinement of the digital and technological tools required to enable the decarbonisation of homes across Wales, as well as help build the skills and training needed to underpin this.

The Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) also allows for Bidders of Building Safety Upgrade Works and Services for residential buildings. This include upgrades for building safety requirements in respect of fire and structural risk, which may become relevant in the overall inspection and evaluation of the property. A range of complementary measures can therefore be employed to increase both the efficiency and overall safety of buildings. 

Optimised Retrofit Project (ORP)

A collaboration of 68 partners, including 26 social housing providers that have been awarded funding by Welsh Government and will initially see more than 1,700 homes across Wales become more energy efficient. This is achieved through a combination of building fabric improvements, low and zero-carbon technologies (such as solar panels, battery storage and heat pumps), and intelligent ongoing operational controls.

Welsh Building Safety Fund

In early 2021, the Minister for Climate Change announced the launch of the Welsh Building Safety Fund (WBSF), which is focused on the identification of, and addressing of fire safety issues in residential, or mixed-use residential buildings, over 11m, in Wales.

Welsh Government’s Building Safety team through the CHIC DPS are now in a position to request applications for specialist contractors to deliver a programme of works to achieve this. Part of the programme delivery requires the engagement of a range of agencies to provide specified works, goods, and services, across Wales.

The Welsh Government are a member of CHIC via Pathfinder.