Building Safety & Compliance

All landlords and building managers need a range of building safety contractors and specialist advisors to provide servicing, repair and installation services.

These often involve relatively low values and volumes of work but are of critical importance to resident and staff safety. CHIC uses the combined needs of its membership to provide more opportunity and volume to contractors and other specialists, helping them to provide a high quality service at competitive rates.

CHIC has been providing support with compliance contracts for over a decade. We can help with specifications, pricing and supplier or contractor selection.

Members can access contractors and suppliers through CHIC’s frameworks or our Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). Direct contract awards are available via our frameworks (subject to business case approval), or we can run a mini-competition under a framework or the DPS. CHIC can save members procurement time and cost and provides ongoing support once a contract is established.

Which of your compliance requirements can CHIC support?

  • Gas safety: servicing, safety checks, repairs and auditing
  • Lifts: passenger lifts, stair lifts and hoists
  • Fire prevention: spread prevention work, doors, alarm systems, emergency lighting and equipment maintenance
  • Fire safety: fire risk assessments (FRA’s) and sprinkler/misting systems
  • Asbestos: survey, management and removal
  • Water hygiene: legionella testing and remedial work
  • Door entry: entry systems, warden call, CCTV and barriers
  • Compliance auditing: independent quality control and verification
  • Electrical safety: inspection and repair
  • Compliance consultancy: professional services – design, project management and compliance auditing