Building Safety (Wales)

In early 2021, the Minister for Climate Change announced the launch of the Welsh Building Safety Fund (WBSF), which is focused on the identification of, and addressing of fire safety issues in residential, or mixed-use residential buildings, over 11m, in Wales.    

Welsh Government’s Building Safety team are now in a position to request applications for the procurement of specialist contractors to deliver a programme of works to achieve this. Part of the programme delivery requires the engagement of a range of agencies to provide specified works, goods, and services, across Wales, The works and services include:   

  • Programme management to deliver stakeholder engagement, Fire Safety Assessments (FSA), mitigation and remediation measures, and technical support to Responsible Persons/Building Managers.
  • Fire Safety Assessments, (a hybrid Level 2.5 – visual inspection of flats and intrusive survey of communal areas),
  • EWS1 surveys and reporting,
  • A range of building remediation works to address defects identified by the surveys and EWS1 surveys.
  • Provision of a support package to provide Responsible Persons (RP)/Building Managers with the skills and tools to establish a Building Remediation Passport for their buildings.
  • Supply of materials and products to support agencies involved in fire safety remediation works. 

This programme will begin in the new financial year 2022/2023 into the foreseeable future, with multiple opportunities to engage with project delivery.

Welsh Government is committed to supporting and developing the Welsh foundational economy and we encourage Welsh small and medium enterprises are encouraged to join the DPS.    

Programme Management

On behalf of Welsh Government, provide programme management to ensure the effective and timely delivery of the required Fire Safety outcomes. This will be a high level programme management role and will require demonstrated experience and capacity from any prospective bidder. The work will be:

  • Pan Wales
  • Multi year

It will involve:

  • Undertaking desktop reviews of properties submitted by Welsh Government.
  • Engagement with all relevant stakeholders to undertake FSA, EWS1, and mitigation/remediation works.
  • Delivery of FSA and EWS1 surveys to the specified standard.
  • Provision of appropriate reports to the RP and Welsh Government.
  • Provision of appropriate technical advice and support to RP to establish their Building Remediation Passports.

Fire Safety Assessments:

A call for tenders from competent and qualified professional fire safety risk assessors and / or those who have successfully completed the RICS External Wall System Assessment Programme will commence in March 2022.

Tenders will be posted on Sell2Wales Bidders will need to be able to undertake any of the levels of fire risk survey standard (Type 1, 2, 3, or 4), as directed by the project manager.  

Building Safety Remediation Works – Material Supply and Installation Services:

Provide installation of any of the following, including the materials, as specified by the building project manager:

  • Fire, heat, smoke detection systems,
  • Fire suppression systems,
  • Fire stop doors,
  • Compartmentation solutions,
  • Exterior cladding replacement,
  • Or other fire safety related measures

DPS Categories

Retrofit Advice

The Retrofit Advisor will undertake overall stock assessment, energy efficiency options appraisals, data analysis, archetyping, measures identification and develop strategy for individual or multiple properties as required, to identify a preferred set of refurbishment interventions. Retrofit Advisors will be a member of TrustMark approved Retrofit scheme.

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Retrofit Assessment

The Retrofit Assessor will ensure all tools, including Intelligent Energy Systems (IESs) work successfully together encompassing both building information and time-sequenced energy performance information.

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Retrofit Designer

The Retrofit Designer will provide an understanding of buildings energy efficiency to the Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) and input to research projects, testing new technological approaches in the provision of a range of consultancy services, guidance and advice in relation to retrofit design.

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Retrofit Co-ordinator

Description of procurement: The Retrofit Coordinator role is to provide specialist project leadership and management with responsibility for overseeing the assessment of dwellings as well as the subsequent specification, monitoring, and evaluation of energy efficiency measures to ensure that work (by installers procured during the 2nd phase CHIC Wales Optimised Retrofit Installers DPS) is carried out to the Clients standards, specification and schedule whilst managing technical risks, avoid the common retrofit failure points, increasing team productivity and maximising project budgets.

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Intelligent Energy System (IES) Installers

Description of procurement: Bidders for this lot will be required to install, connect, and commission the Intelligent Energy System (IES) and peripherals, an integral part of any home’s journey to Net Zero. It is a system and not a single device consisting of ‘peripherals’ (sensors and meters) that are controlled by a Building Energy Engine (BEE).

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Building Fabric

This lot follows a “fabric first” approach and prioritises improvement of the thermal properties of the building fabric through the use of high levels of thermal insulation, including cavity wall, internal and external wall insulation, floor and roof insulation and airtightness which may include replacement of windows and external doors thereby cutting heating costs, energy use and CO2 emissions while improving comfort, health and safety of properties.

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Electrical Services and Renewables

This lot focuses on reusing, refurbishing, recycling, and renewing electrical distribution equipment, improvement of lighting and electrical appliances, solar thermal and photovoltaic solutions and building management systems (BMS) that manage […]

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Mechanical Services (Heating and Renewables)

This Lot will include suppliers who can provide participating authorities with access to a range of heating and/or renewable technologies. Suppliers may be technology specific or offer a range of heating and renewable technologies.

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Mechanical Services (Ventilation)

This lot focuses on provision of good indoor air quality and reduction of surface condensation through retrofit ventilation systems to improve whole-dwelling improvement to include building management systems (BMS) that manage and control the mechanical and electrical services of buildings, thereby cutting running costs, energy use and CO2 emissions while improving comfort, health and safety of properties.

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One-Stop Solution [All-encompassing technologies]

This Lot covers all-encompassing technologies and will include suppliers who can provide a holistic solution, including but not limited to the technologies covered in all other lots for participating authorities through the provision of a variety of low/zero carbon technologies.

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Building Materials Fabric (BMF)

Main CPV Code:44100000 – Construction materials and associated items. Building Construction Fabric (BCF) Goods & Materials Distribution – this Lot will include suppliers who can provide participating authorities with supply […]

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Building Materials Electrical (BME) – Services and Renewables

Building Materials Electrical (BME) Services and Renewables – this Lot will include suppliers who can provide participating authorities with supply and distribution services for a range of goods and materials in respect of electrical/power and/or renewable technologies and active building management systems (BMS) that manage and control the electrical services and building safety, including but not limited to fire detection, alert and containment in respect of active fire measures.

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Building Materials Mechanical (BMM) – Heating and Renewables

Building Materials Mechanical Heating – this Lot will include suppliers who can provide participating authorities with supply and distribution services for a range of goods and materials in respect of heating and/or renewable technologies and active building management systems (BMS) that manage and control heating services and building safety

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Building Materials Mechanical (BMM) – Ventilation and Heat Recovery

Building Materials Mechanical [Ventilation] – this Lot will include suppliers who can provide participating authorities with supply and distribution services for a range of ventilation material supply and/or renewable technologies and building management systems (BMS) that control the mechanical ventilation services and safety of buildings.

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Building Materials – One-Stop-Shop Solution

One Stop Shop (materials partnering solution) – this Lot will include suppliers who can provide a holistic material solution for participating authorities which may include consultancy services through the provision […]

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Access to and General timescales for launch of DPS Framework

The whole of the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Framework for building safety works is expected to be live by early February 2022 and is operated by CHIC.

In order to tender for any of this work you will need to have been accepted onto the relevant CHIC DPS.

You will first need to register on the Delta eSourcing platform:

Once registered you can submit a Request To Participate via the following links, which will take you to the relevant DPS where you can complete the online questionnaire, including selection of the required categories and provision of references.

Note: This DPS framework has been developed to provide a procurement solution for Welsh Government and other public sector bodies to source specialist suppliers who can undertake residential building safety surveys and remedial works as well as retrofit works to make homes and public buildings more energy efficient.

CHIC DPS – Wales Optimised Retrofit Consultancy 2021

CHIC Wales Optimised Retrofit Installations DPS 2022

CHIC Wales Optimised Retrofit Materials DPS 2022

How the works will be packaged and tendered

Once an agency, or supplier, has registered on one, or more of the relevant DPS they will be eligible to participate in tender processes for the previously mentioned programme of works. Tenders can be launched by Welsh Government, Social Landlords, or a Welsh Government authorised agency involved in the programme.

The tenders will be advertised through Sell2 Wales and can occur at any time from now into future years.

The tenders are likely to cover:

  • Provision of pan Wales programme management on behalf of Welsh Government for stakeholder management, survey, remediation, and advisory services.
  • Delivery of Fire Safety Surveys, (up to Level 4), in 11m+ residential buildings, and EWS1 reporting
  • EWS1 reporting (only)
  • Provision of a support package to provide Responsible Persons/Building Managers with the skills and tools to establish Building Remediation Passports for their buildings.
  • Provision of works and materials to deliver fire safety risk minimisation & elimination. This may include: installation of fire/smoke detection systems, fire suppression systems, fire stop doors, compartmentation solutions, cladding replacement, etc.

Please note that vendors are required to meet the professional standards and competency required by the relevant industry associations.

How is this DPS Framework set up?

Companies and tradespeople will be able to join the DPS at any time by demonstrating the relevant skills, experience and competencies and stating the type of work (Lot), scale of project and geographical areas where they can work. They will then have the opportunity to bid for any work based upon their selected criteria. We are keen to encourage Micro SMEs’ and SMEs ‘to apply and secure work in localised areas. Materials for remedial works will mainly be procured separately to help create a level playing field for smaller contractors.

The DPS Questionnaire has basic entry qualifications for each work type (Lot).

Those applicants which meet all the minimum requirements (as detailed in the DPS Questionnaire) will be accepted onto the DPS as a pre-qualified potential bidder. They will then be informed of every relevant tender opportunity and can choose to bid for or decline as they wish. Any Bidders that fail to meet the minimum criteria will be able to reapply for acceptance on to the DPS; feedback and advice is available.

The benefit of the DPS is that bidders will not be asked for the same information and documentation every time they bid for work.

CHIC remains overall controller of the DPS and will carry out an annual review of all bidders, requesting up to date copies of documentation such as insurance.

Advice and Support

For specific enquiries about the building fire safety works you can email Welsh Government at:

Welsh Micro SME’s can contact Business Wales for free advice and support. For contact details go to:

If you are unclear about how to complete the electronic selection questionnaire ask for clarification via the Delta e-sourcing messaging system or contact tenders at