Digital Twin Platform

Framework: Digital Asset Delivery

OJEU Reference Number: 2021/S 000-012553
Framework Start Date: 30/09/2021
Framework End Date: 29/09/2025

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Partner(s) will have their own secure web accessed Digital Twin Platform that brings together all the elements required to bring value to the viewer of our members physical asset. At minimum, this platform must deliver all the elements defined in the Golden Thread of information to all the relevant stakeholders.
Additional to the above elements, the chosen partner(s)’s Digital Twin Platform will have the capability to:
• Capture and report asset performance to inform reactive maintenance and help proactively plan future investments.
• Enable manual and in future automated ability to carry out “what if” scenario planning using a virtual environment that can go through an infinite number of repetitions and scenarios.
• Empower our members to experience immersive and interactive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences of their portfolio from anywhere in the world with minimal technology requirements.
• Have a 5-year development plan for additional capabilities their platform will be able to deliver – as and when our members wish to add new capabilities.


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Wipro Limited