DPS Category:

Building Materials Mechanical [Ventilation] – this Lot will include suppliers who can provide participating authorities with supply and distribution services for a range of ventilation material supply and/or renewable technologies and building management systems (BMS) that control the mechanical ventilation services and safety of buildings. Material supply will support upgrade ventilation to ensure good internal air quality and minimize the risk of condensation and fire/smoke spread and include but not limited to Ventilation and Heat Recovery, Extract Ventilation, Passive Heat Recovery, Whole House Ventilation Systems, Fire Dampers, Fire Collars, Fire Compartmentation, Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs), Smoke Extraction Systems. Suppliers may also be technology specific or offer a range of ventilation materials and renewable technologies. This lot includes complementary technologies that optimise and enhance the benefits of the solution.

Additional CPV codes:

44111000 – Building materials.
44115200 – Plumbing and heating materials.
39563530 – Ventilation ducting.
42500000 – Cooling and ventilation equipment.
42520000 – Ventilation equipment.
42521000 – Smoke-extraction equipment.
39714110 – Extraction ventilators.