DPS Category:

Building Materials Mechanical [Heating] – this Lot will include suppliers who can provide participating authorities with supply and distribution services for a range of goods and materials in respect of heating and/or renewable technologies and active building management systems (BMS) that manage and control heating services and building safety, including but not limited to Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning components and controls, Plumbing and Hot Water Systems, Pipework, Ductwork and Cylinders, Thermal Storage , Pipe Insulation, Water Treatments, Flues, Sanitary Ware, Boilers, Hydrogen Ready Boilers, Combi, Water Efficient WCs, Showers, Bath & Taps, Waste, Traps, Pan Connectors, Soil & Overflow Piping, Rainwater Goods, Sink Tops, Commercial & Domestic Boilers, Radiators, Space Heaters, Smart Heating Controls, Filters, Underfloor Heating, Thermostatic Mixing Valves, Room Thermostats, Energy Management Systems Filling Loops, Boiler Spares, Fire Parts, Fire Suppression and Sprinkler Systems, Appliance Spares, Rainwater Harvesting, Rainwater Goods. Suppliers may be technology specific or offer a range of heating and renewable technologies. Materials may therefore also include upgrades for building safety requirements in respect of fire and structural risk which may become relevant. A range of complementary measures can be employed to increase the efficiency of various systems available through the relevant lots of this DPS.~

Access Code: A3F7WP2FKV

Additional CPV codes:

44111000 – Building materials.
39715000 – Water heaters and heating for buildings; plumbing equipment.
39715200 – Heating equipment.
39715210 – Central-heating equipment.
44115200 – Plumbing and heating materials.
44115220 – Heating materials.
44620000 – Central-heating radiators and boilers and parts.
42122000 – Pumps.
42511110 – Heat pumps.
44622000 – Heat-recovery systems.
44622100 – Heat-recovery equipment.
35111500 – Fire suppression system.
44115500 – Sprinkler systems.