DPS Category:

Main CPV Code:
44100000 – Construction materials and associated items.

Building Construction Fabric (BCF) Goods & Materials Distribution – this Lot will include suppliers who can provide participating authorities with supply and distribution services for a range of goods and materials to improve the thermal properties of the building fabric through the use of high levels of thermal insulation and airtightness, upgrading the performance of the fabric of existing properties including but not limited to walls, floors and roof insulation, windows and doors, draught proofing render systems, green paints, green roofs, floor coverings grey water harvesting, drainage and materials and for passive fire precautions e.g. fire boards, intumescent and insulants, cladding, fire doors and all associated supplementary materials. Providers may also provide consultancy in the calculation, or avoidance, of thermal bridging, air leakage and fire integrity and insulation and for the import, manufacture or supply of components and materials associated with advanced retrofit and building safety.

Access Code: A3F7WP2FKV

Additional CPV codes:

44110000 – Construction materials.
44111000 – Building materials.
44112500 – Roofing materials.
44200000 – Structural products.
44000000 – Construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (excepts electric apparatus).
44100000 – Construction materials and associated items.
44140000 – Products related to construction materials.
44190000 – Miscellaneous construction materials.