DPS Category:

Building Materials Electrical (BME) Services and Renewables – this Lot will include suppliers who can provide participating authorities with supply and distribution services for a range of goods and materials in respect of electrical/power and/or renewable technologies and active building management systems (BMS) that manage and control the electrical services and building safety, including but not limited to fire detection, alert and containment in respect of active fire measures. Materials supply may therefore include energy efficient internal and external fixed lighting systems, solar lighting fittings with appropriate controls; appliances and equipment to reduce electricity use and minimize internal heat gains, extractor fans, consumer units, energy management systems, smart controls, Intelligent Energy Systems (IES); electric power systems, fault detection systems that use low or zero carbon (LZC) technologies, solar thermal, solar voltaic, batteries, EV charging as well as smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire suppression and sprinkler systems and all associated supplementary materials. Service Providers may also be technology specific or offer a range of electrical/power and renewable materials and technologies. This lot includes complementary technologies that optimise and enhance the benefits of the solution.

Access Code: A3F7WP2FKV

Additional CPV codes:

31600000 – Electrical equipment and apparatus.
31681410 – Electrical materials.
44111000 – Building materials.
38431200 – Smoke-detection apparatus.
31625200 – Fire-alarm systems.
79711000 – Alarm-monitoring services.
09331000 – Solar panels.
09331100 – Solar collectors for heat production.
09331200 – Solar photovoltaic modules.
31158100 – Battery chargers.
31518200 – Emergency lighting equipment.
31527260 – Lighting systems.
31625100 – Fire-detection systems.