DPS Category:

This lot follows a “fabric first” approach and prioritises improvement of the thermal properties of the building fabric through the use of high levels of thermal insulation, including cavity wall, internal and external wall insulation, floor and roof insulation and airtightness which may include replacement of windows and external doors thereby cutting heating costs, energy use and CO2 emissions while improving comfort, health and safety of properties. Works may therefore also include upgrades for building safety requirements in respect of fire and structural risk which may become relevant in the overall evaluation and inspection of the property. A range of measures is then employed to increase the efficiency of various systems (e.g. heating and hot water, lighting and electrical appliances) available through the relevant lots of this DPS.

Access Code: 893D83KK8J

Additional CPV codes:

45321000 – Thermal insulation work.
45320000 – Insulation work.
45261410 – Roof insulation work.
45210000 – Building construction work.
45223200 – Structural works.
71315200 – Building consultancy services.
71314200 – Energy-management services.
71313430 – Environmental indicators analysis for construction.
45211000 – Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses.
71000000 – Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services.
71314300 – Energy-efficiency consultancy services.