CHIC Acquires PFA Dynamic Purchasing System

Procurement for All (PFA) is another not-for-profit consortium of housing organisations, led by a board of member representatives.

Having carefully assessed the future requirements of PFA’s shareholder members, its Board decided not to undertake any new procurement activities. Knowing that the services it had delivered for many years to the PFA wider membership had added great value, PFA wanted to provide an easily accessible and immediate alternative for both its members and suppliers.

To achieve this, PFA decided to work with CHIC and we are pleased to advise that it has now transferred its Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to CHIC, so that a wide range of DPS services are now available alongside our existing services.

Our 100+ members are primarily from the affordable housing sector but, like PFA, CHIC also provides procurement and commercial support services to a range of other organisations which need to comply with Public Procurement Regulations.

This transfer creates a new and exciting opportunity for the contractors and suppliers on the DPS and an efficient procurement solution for an increased range of organisations.

We will ensure that all PFA members can continue to benefit from our range of proven and cost-effective procurement solutions, alongside CHIC’s existing membership.

CHIC has been seeing a significant increase in demand for an effective, compliant DPS service as an alternative route to market for some time.  The transfer of the PFA DPS to CHIC offers housing providers, contractors and suppliers an established, proven and efficient procurement solution. The DPS is a welcome addition to CHIC’s highly regarded product stable” said Maggie Punyer, CHIC’s Chair.

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