Standardising Materials

Accent wanted to reduce the cost of planned works but not at the expense of quality (materials and workmanship) so they approached CHIC to appraise the options for achieving their goal of reducing costs by up to 10%.

Fortunately, CHIC was involved in assisting with a major procurement of their repairs, voids and planned works services so we were able to support in considering options widely.  Accent did not want to move to an in-house delivery model so CHIC presented a few different options and purchasing their own materials was a good fit in helping control material selection, material quality, cost and also offered an insight as to whether the planned programme was on schedule as they can see whether materials have been ordered and received by the contractor.

Accent have standardised their materials across all planned works to ensure components fulfil their lifecycles and their customers benefit from good quality materials, procured at a reasonable price, due to the economies of scale CHIC is able to achieve due to the purchasing scale / power.  Accent achieved their cost saving goal of 10%.  Staff at Accent feel more in control of materials selection and are able to influence CHIC and the materials suppliers in ensuring the materials supply service is delivered smoothly.

CHIC provides a client delivery model which is engaging and achieves active account management outcomes.  CHIC does not solely assist with procurement and then the relationship ends until the next procurement comes along, CHIC remains tuned into the partnership for the life of each contract as well, which provides the opportunity for continuous improvement for the benefit of all housing originations and enables CHIC to glean how supplies perform

“CHIC has helped us to think more commercially about how we deliver our services, particularly planned works.  Prior to our engagement with CHIC we were at arm’s length from costs and we did not fully understand whether we were achieving VFM – following our work with CHIC (which is ongoing), we now firmly understand our planned works costs at a granular materials and labour level – CHIC provides the platform for this heighted and essential level of understanding.”

Neil Cox
Director of Asset Management