Expert Legal Advice at Competitive Costs

Muir Group uses the CHIC framework to support the delivery of their Housing Management Service through the use of legal services to assist with the effective resolution of tenancy enforcement and anti-social behaviour.

They were keen to develop a ‘mini panel’ of legal experts with whom they could build a positive and strong partnership, to develop a joined up and seamless way of working, which supported the Housing Services team to effectively resolve tenancy related matters and anti-social behaviour in an efficient and timely manner, providing the customer with a positive experience.

By taking this approach they have also achieved a number of added value savings including staff development opportunities such as placements with legal partners, staff training including the provision of both ‘in house’ training sessions and attendance at partner seminars. This has further enhanced the skills and expertise of their Housing Services team helping to build confidence and empowering them to effectively resolve housing related matters, whilst achieving value for money.

“Using the CHIC framework to support the delivery of our housing service has enabled us to develop and build positive relationships and expertise, improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the service provided, demonstrated through cost savings and case outcomes. This has helped to further improve our customers’ experience, alongside an investment in our people who are highly engaged in the process through effective support, advice and training.”

Jackie Perry
Assistant Director of Communities

They have achieved a 25% cost savings on their housing management legal costs, which represented a cash value of £14,000. Kennedy Cater, who manage the framework on behalf of CHIC provide monthly monitoring reports which have enabled Muir Group to analyse spend, monitor trends and manage the Housing Services legal spend more effectively.