£2BN Kick start scheme

CHIC is bringing the benefit of the Governments £2BN Kick start scheme to member Housing Associations through our intermediary colleagues at 3SC (Third sector consortium).

3SC has been appointed by Government (DWP) to manage the supply and placement of unemployed young people into 6 months’ work placements, where salaries are met by Government and the employer receives a training grant of up to £1500 .

Employers who wish to take advantage of the scheme can apply directly for requests for 30 placements or more but in the majority of cases member Housing Associations will only require low numbers. In such cases 3SC will package requests into parcels of 30.

3SC held similar contracts for Future Job Fund where they placed 6000 work placements, which included 500 to Housing Associations under the National Housing Federation umbrella.

There are several provider intermediaries. Why choose 3SC?

  • 3SC provides a tailored service to meet the employers needs
  • Employers can access their unique online learning platform to obtain training for their young person and for the rest of their staff too.

To discuss, seek further information or request a work placement candidate please contact our CHIC Social Value Manager Fred Bentley on fbentley@arkconsultancy.co.uk or mobile 07553 370037