CHIC Seminar – Fire Safety & Precautions

Do you want to find out more on the best compliant solutions when protecting your residents and assets against fire risk? CHIC has partnered with supply chain partners Gerda Security […]

CHIC Seminar – Are your Kitchens & Bathrooms Still Decent?

*POSTPONED* The decent homes standard set out that 95% of social housing should be decent by 2010. Over the last decade, the entire sector has been scrambling to replace kitchens […]

The Future of Heating – The Latest CHIC Seminar Summary

Regardless of where you sit on climate change or ‘environmental issues’, as described by some of the unconverted, change is coming in one form or the other as the planet […]

CHIC Seminar – The Future of Heating

Wednesday 22nd January 2020 will see the latest CHIC Seminar: The Future of Heating, free for CHIC Members. Making changes to the way the residents in the UK heat their […]